Welcome to my site!

I am a Musician, Audio Engineer and Drum Teacher based in Helsinki, Finland.

On here you can find information about the services I provide and if you are interested in hiring me: how we could work together on your project!


Drum Recordings & Arrangements


Do you have a song with programmed drums that you want recorded, or do you want someone to arrange a drum track for your song?

Maybe something in between: Perhaps you already have an idea of how you want the drums to sound, but don’t have all of it lined out yet. Either way, you can contact me during any stage of the process to discuss your ideas.

I provide drum recordings and ideas sent straight to you or the possibility of working together on your track(s) in a rehearsal space or studio.


Audio Engineering & Mixing


Do you want someone to engineer a recording session for you? Do you need a studio as well or do you already have a place in mind?

Maybe you have already recorded your songs and want someone to mix and possibly edit them? No problem, contact me during any stage of the process and we can discuss what you’d want to do.

I provide competitive engineering and mixing prices with a free mix sample included. You can also contact me about non music related projects like audio books and podcasts etc.


Private Drum Lessons


Private drum lessons where the focus is on the students current level and how to move forward from there.

With a beginner we generally focus on: basic beats and fills, how to think musically, note reading, basic rudiments, technique and posture etc.

With the more advanced students his or her own wishes are central and the focus might lie on areas that have previously been left unattended: like developing a broader musical knowledge, odd time signatures, advanced independence etc.

Atom Works - The Life of Spice (album 2019)


Atom Works is a Progressive Rock & Metal band based in Helsinki, Finland.

‘The Life of Spice’ is the bands’ debut album. The first single from the album, called ‘The Atom Dance’ was released on the 7th of June 2019. Music video and links below.

Album released on the 6th of September 2019.

Listen or buy here!

Credits: Drums/Engineering/Mixing/Production/Arranging/Writing

Review: Sea of Tranquility (4,5 / 5 *)

Review: The Moshville Times

Reviewed in Soundi 8/2019

Check out Prog Magazine #99 - in stores 7th June 2019. You’ll find ‘The Atom Dance’ on the included CD.

For general updates, gig info, merch etc: Atom-Works.com